Sunday’s Free Books – Art & Photography

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Drawing: Beginners Guide to How to Draw, Sketching, Landscapes and Portraits
How To Draw Doug’s Friends by Amit Offir
Music Theory Books Bundle of 2 – 7 Easy Steps to Read Music & Circle of 5ths

Music Theory Books Bundle of 2 – 7 Easy Steps to Read Music & Circle of 5ths
Many students want to understand music theory but often times they do not know how to focus nor where to focus to get to the main point.

Both of these books are targeted to put the FOCUS in its central points so that all beginners will find it easy to learn and absorb the material with much fun. At the same time, intermediate and advanced music students find these two books outstanding to help them understand music theory even better.

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How To Draw Doug’s Friends

In this drawing book you will learn how to draw animals, cartoon characters and comics figures that will help you to draw the cover drawing step by step.

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Drawing: Beginners Guide to How to Draw, Sketching, Landscapes and Portraits

This tutorial and easy tips will transform your drawings into beautiful masterpieces. You’ll be proud to show off your gorgeous drawings and sketches to family, friends and potential customers.

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Sunday Free Books – Biography & Memoir

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Bank of Crooks & Criminals by Ken Rossignol
Please Stop by Claude Bachand
Pressed But Not Crushed by Andrew Davies

Bank of Crooks & Criminals 

The story of how an old Marine was robbed by his banker at the point of a pen. Learn how your banker can take your life and your business. That is what happened to Chuck & July Kimball when they invested their life’s savings and work into a new hotel and restaurant on the shores of the Potomac River. If you are in business now or planning to start a small business, this book can be a guide for you on how to shield your family, your life and your credit from financial disaster. It’s all about your money and how your banker can take your life and business.

Chuck never missed a single payment but because he had a commercial loan, which includes a clause which allows the loan to be called for virtually any reason, his banker had a gun pointed at his head. Chuck Kimball asserts that he never missed a payment, not once. This book details how in six months time he went from the hoopla with his grand opening on a six million dollar hotel and restaurant to being ordered to sign a phantom lease and then within three months having his property taken at foreclosure. Kimball appealed to federal regulators at every level but the bank and its owners and directors were and are politically influential. No one has stepped up to help Kimball. A longtime business associate stepped in just before the project was completed and was induced by the banker with assurances that the deal was sound. The friend of Kimball loaned him two million dollars to cover the final costs. When the bank pulled the plug on the loan the bank CEO never called Kimball’s friend to let him know he was foreclosing. This was in spite of the friend, a surgeon on Washington, having put a million dollars on deposit. The doctor told the banker the money was to be used for making payments if needed. Why did the banker use a fraudulent lease to force Kimball to sign over the property and then foreclose? Kimball said the banker did so to gain control for his associate to run the place. She and the banker broke into the restaurant, says Kimball, changed the locks, emptied his safe and set up shop, knowing that Kimball at that point was worried about how to safeguard his home from being swallowed up as well. Now read the rest of the story.

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Please Stop 

This is a memoir about two people growing up during and after the Great Depression, their deep and enduring love, and how they coped with Parkinson’s disease.

The way that Dotty and Claude Bachand went about day-to-day living, as Dotty’s Parkinson’s symptoms steadily worsened, is the subject of about half of the memoir. In depth, you’ll learn how they dealt with problems like mobility, balance, eating, dressing, tremors, disorientation, and difficulty with talking and swallowing. They adapted. For instance, they’d sit in the back row of the movies so in the event Dotty suffered from shaking, they wouldn’t disturb the other patrons; they’d ask a waitress to bring Dotty’s iced tea with a lid and a straw in case she knocked it over; and Claude always carried four men’s handkerchiefs because of Dotty’s drooling.

You’ll be there during an hour-long session with a noted Parkinson’s specialist; be in emergency rooms, where Dotty is treated after two serious falls; and see how the couple dealt with her violent shaking (dyskinesia), which was especially troublesome at bedtime.

The memoir first takes you back to the time when the two grew up in Southbridge, a small mill town in central Massachusetts, in families where money was scarce because of the bad economic times and because their fathers spent every night in a barroom, downing highballs with a beer chaser.

In contrast with Dotty, who was quiet and well-disciplined, Claude had a relatively free rein, was a bit of a scamp, and had behavioral problems at home and in school. He frequently felt the sting of his mother’s switch and his teachers’ yardsticks. Yet, with the help of the G.I. Bill, he did surprisingly well in college. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism, summa cum laude, from Louisiana Tech University, where he was editor of the school newspaper for three years. Then with an assistantship, he earned a master’s degree at the University of Illinois Graduate School of Journalism and Communications. He worked as a reporter for a daily newspaper, then for United Press International, and spent most of his career in public relations and marketing.

After college, he met Dotty and the two were married and raised three children. They had a loving and happy, 45-year marriage, despite the Parkinson’s.

In 1998, Claude retired and the couple move to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. A year later, Dotty was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

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Pressed But Not Crushed 

Andy has had a major stroke in the brain stem, the control centre of the brain. This has left him with Locked-in syndrome which means his entire body has shut down, but the cognitive part of his brain is undamaged. He retains all his knowledge, understanding and intellect; his personality and character are unchanged and he knows exactly what has happened. His condition is critical and, if he survives, the Locked-in syndrome means he is unlikely to be able to live any form of independent life again, totally dependent on others for everything. In which case Andy may not wish to go on…’ Thirty-three years old, happily married to a lovely wife, a great job in dentistry, a strong Christian faith…life seemed just about perfect for Andy Davies. But then, shockingly, Andy suffered a massive stroke, leaving him with ‘Locked-in syndrome’. Paralysed and only able to communicate by a series of blinks, Andy’s life, and that of his family, was changed forever.

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Sunday’s Free Books – Business & Finance

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#1 Budgeting, Personal Finance Plan by James Harper
Day Trading by J.P. Richardson
Hire for Higher Performance by Jeff H Blake
Social Media Marketing Strategy by Luke Walsh

#1 Budgeting, Personal Finance Plan 

Budgeting can be easy, and even fun, if you have a good plan to follow!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to change your personal financial present and future through this amazing budgeting plan!

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Hire for Higher Performance 

Are you making hiring decisions for critical roles that requireone level of performance but getting actual performance.

much lower than that? Do you find that you must coach your newemployees at a micro-level for a much longer period of time thanyou expected? Do you find it difficult to engage your employeesin the vision of the organization? Are your teams operating in silosand not interacting well? Is your organization’s performancebelow what you expected from the people you hired?

If you have answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, itis very possible that you are not getting the candidates you needin the talent acquisition process or that your selection process hasgaps in it that lead to less-than-desirable hiring decisions. In eitherevent, you have an issue that needs to be fixed, improved, and/orstrengthened. You need to Hire for Higher Performance!

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Social Media Marketing Strategy 

It starts with a clear foundation of social media platforms followed by social media marketing strategies. Despite of your business type and brand, this book will help you come up with outstanding social media strategies.

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Day Trading

Trading on the stock market may seem like a dream job; in fact it can be a highly stressful experience; especially if you are not prepared for it. However, there are strategies which can be learnt and techniques which will help you to become a highly successfully and profitable trader.

It is vitally important to develop an understanding of the stock market and to understand both the terminology and the different types of trading which are possible. Day trading is one style of investing; it is often incorporated as part of a much larger investment portfolio, but, adopting this approach may mean that you do not have enough time to maximise the potential of day trading.

In the past, day trading was seen as an attempt at a get rich quick scheme, it was not fully understood and was badly regulated. Thankfully, it is now a recognised and well established way of trading in the stock markets and can create a comfortable standard of living.

Anyone can start day trading, providing they are prepared to dedicate enough time to researching and understanding the market, before they make their first trade. Day trading can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home; you simply need a computer with a good internet connection.

This book will provide you with a good basic knowledge of the stock market and its terminology and allow you to start trading; there is surprisingly little to set up!

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Sunday’s Free Books – Children

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Dogs Don’t Look Both Ways by Jane Hanser
Valentine’s Day Love by Arnie Lightning
Wags With Webbie: Webbie Goes to the Farm

Wags With Webbie: Webbie Goes to the Farm

The Wags with Webbie series share the fun adventures of an adorable dachshund, Webbie. Webbie enjoys sharing about his day while teaching important lessons to his friends. In this book, Webbie spends the day exploring all of the fun offerings found on the farm. He makes friends, gets dirty and has an action-packed day!

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Valentine’s Day Love 

Love is in the air! You and your child will enjoy these special Valentine’s Day stories for kids. Each story shares a cute message about Valentine’s Day and includes big & bright illustrations for younger readers.

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Dogs Don’t Look Both Ways

A true story with a unique voice about discovery and freedom, rules and boundaries, communication, and, of course, our dependence on the kindness of others – is a message about life itself.

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Sunday’s Free Books – Christian Fiction

A Home for Hava by Summer Lee
Lean Against The Wind by Reynold Jay

Lean Against The Wind

Based upon a true story

Raymond Lancaster, the second seed ( angel) , is “called” to work as a Special ed. teacher in Springfield, Michigan in 1994. He begins his work in a forgotten dilapidated schoolhouse in Springfield where he finds success with the students and staff. Mr. Harrelson and aging and ill principal, is an inspiration to Lancaster, and his associates, Mills, and Rossiter. Mr. Harrelson is the victim of a scam that robs the estates of senior citizens and passes away penniless.

A new special ed. Center is built in his honor and Lancaster and the staff are consolidated into it. Lancaster quickly realizes that the new administration is ruthless and has little concern for the students. He battles Principal Porterfield and Assistant Principal, Jacqueline Daugherty at every turn. When Lancaster discovers that one of his students, Jon Causey possesses world class singing talent, he brings him to the attention of a talent agency that signs him up for a ten year contract. Porterfield and Daugherty fight his every move to assist Jon and other students and a battle between the administration and the staff reaches immense proportions. A Nobel Prize winning news reporter, Tina Shakleford gets involved and takes sides with the staff. A scandal involving Detroit racketeers is uncovered and Lancaster is determined to uncover the truth at whatever cost it may bring.

You’ll meet wonderful characters that will warm your heart, Big Jim, Tiny Tim, Ben, Arch’, and a host of others before it is all said and done. Most of all, you will be on the inside track and discover what it was like to be a special ed. teacher during the turbulent 90’s.

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A Home for Hava

Thousands of years ago, Israel was ruled by judges during a turbulent time when the people of Israel strayed from God into idolatry and other beliefs. Jephthah was one of Israel’s judges…and one of God’s faithful.

Jephthah, a protector of local villages, makes a vow to the Lord before a battle with the Ammonites: if he and his warriors emerge triumphant, he will make a burnt offering of the first thing he sees when he returns home.

Jephthah initially expects that the sacrifice will be livestock, but when he returns from battle, his beautiful, devout daughter, Hava, is the first to greet him. And now, the heartbroken man tells his daughter that she must die.

Hava agrees, but begs for a two-month delay of her sacrifice, during which time she will weep in the mountains. As the day approaches, will Jephthah’s precious daughter, Hava, be sacrificed to ensure that he stays true to his promise to God?

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Sunday’s Free Books – Cooking & Food

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Negative Calorie Diet Cookbook by Amelia Sanders
Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes by Nancy Kelsey
Paleo Baking by James Vardy

Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes

You no longer need to spend a lot of money eating in restaurants to enjoy the exquisite flavors of the worlds most desireable chicken dishes! The recipes included in this book are very easy to follow and fun to prepare so you will not have any reason not to get started with them right away!

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Paleo Baking

The Paleo diet book features 70 completely new Paleo Baking recipes containing those are sure to please the courageous caveman taste. Leaving out gluten, grains, refined sugar and dairy doesn’t link with leaving out taste in these recipes. Easy-to-follow directions are accompanied by delicious looking photos.

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Negative Calorie Diet Cookbook

Negative calorie foods take more energy to chew and digest than they actually contain, so you’ll never have to worry about eating these foods in large quantities or gaining weight from them. They also contain ample amounts of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Next time you’re in the mood for a snack, reach for one of these foods instead of that bag of chips, which we all know does more harm than good.

This book was written for anyone who is determined to lose weight effectively and in a healthy way. While it does require more than the average amount of discipline to choose healthy foods (as with other types of healthy weight loss diets), you can expect to see outstanding results within weeks, even sooner if you combine it with regular exercise.

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Sunday’s Free Books – Romance

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Changing For You by Faleena Hopkins
Come Back to Me by Thomma Lyn Grindstaff
Love’s Aim by Lisa Crane

Come Back to Me

For Annasophia and Maestro, their love is ageless, and music is their door through time.

Annasophia Flynn is a young, classically-trained pianist and singer-songwriter who enjoys a special bond with Wilhelm Dahl, her older mentor and teacher whom she affectionately calls Maestro. Maestro is terminally ill, and Annasophia must come to grips with the fact that she’ll have to say goodbye to him soon.

But not so fast. Annasophia receives a mysterious email to which is attached a photo of her standing by the side of a virile and much-younger Maestro, years before she was born and during the height of his fame and power as a concert pianist. Either somebody’s doing some serious Photoshopping, or Annasophia traveled — or will travel — back in time, meaning that there’s more to her relationship with Maestro than meets the eye.

She visits Maestro in the hospital and shows him the photo. When he talks about a mysterious door and hums a few bars of a romantic Rachmaninoff concerto much beloved by them both, she is compelled to go home and play the piece on her piano. The concerto indeed turns out to be a door back through time, where she meets the younger Maestro, and they fall in love.

But staying in younger Maestro’s time proves tricky. For one thing, he has a son, who will never be conceived or born if Annasophia stays and changes things. She starts to second guess herself and tries to go back to her own time, only to find, each time, that the timeline as she has known it has been altered. For another thing, Maestro’s very elegant and cunning ex-wife, Elena, is determined to get him back and makes up her mind to do everything she can to send Annasophia back to her own timeline for good, where she will have to say goodbye to Maestro forever.

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Love’s Aim by Lisa Crane

When Josie Santiago learns she was adopted she sets off on a search for the older sister she never knew existed. Longing for a family, she follows her sister’s trail to the small north Texas town of Cupid’s Hollow. A case of mistaken identity leads to Josie being thrown in a jail cell, and everyone in town seems to hate her.

Learning the truth about her sister–that she’s a con artist, a thief, and a liar, among other things–breaks Josie’s heart. Determined to make amends for her sibling’s crimes, she takes a job at the local diner, where she soon wins the affections of nearly everyone in town. Too bad the affections she wants belong to the untrusting, but oh, so handsome Chief of Police, Finn Maguire.

Finn doesn’t trust his heart where Josie Santiago is concerned. After all, she looks just like her sister … the sister who fooled him into almost proposing marriage before she left town with a stolen car and a load of stolen money. To top it off, he learned Lauren had been cheating on him with several men in town. What an idiot he’d been!

And now, here came her look-alike sister, too good to be true. Or is she? Just about the time he realizes the truth about Josie Santiago, she vanishes. Where can she be, and will Finn find her before it’s too late?

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Changing For You 

Love is a bumpy, wonderful and painful ride. I have loved Brendan Clark ever since I first saw him walking across our college courtyard. But with my dyed black hair and black lipstick, I’m invisible to guys like him. When at a party we’re forced to talk, he has no idea what to do with all the shadows and sarcasm. Devastated, I must decide–do I have the courage to take off the mask, rip down the wall, and show my true inner beauty? And can he hold space in his heart for a girl like me?

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Saturday’s Free Books – Crafts & Hobbies

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18 Inch Doll Crochet Dress Pattern by Cora Davies
Candle Making by Jessica Young
Cloche Hat – Easy Crochet Pattern by Sarah Taylor
My First Scarf by Barb Asselin

Cloche Hat – Easy Crochet Pattern 

A cloche hat is the perfect accessory for cooler days, keeping you warm without compromising on style. The hat’s style and shape are very flattering and offer a hint of Downton Abbey vintage flair.

The completed hat measures approximately 21″ (53.5 cm) in circumference, but there is plenty of stretch so it is suitable for most sizes.

The cloche hat is made using light worsted (double knitting/8 ply) yarn and only requires a 2 oz skein (50 g ball) in each of the two colors to complete. The pattern is easy to follow, quite quick to make, and the finished hat looks so stylish that you will want to make more in different colors to complement any outfit.

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Candle Making

This book will show you all the steps to start making your own candles from scratch. By following these steps, you can quickly begin to understand how candles are made and then put your own creative touch on each of your personal creations!

In addition to learning how to create your own candles, learn about the history of candle making.

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My First Scarf

Crochet a beautiful scarf today – even if you’ve never crocheted before!

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18 Inch Doll Crochet Dress Pattern

This digital download order comes with a pattern for a separate shirt and skirt with the option to sew them together to make a dress.

The pattern uses worsted weight for ease of use and speed- no crochet thread!

A list of stitch abbreviations is included, as well as descriptions for any special stitches.

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Saturday’s Free Books – Fantasy

Verify books are still free, as Amazon can change their price at anytime.
Free eBooks is a participant of Amazon’s affiliate program. I may make a small commission on orders made through my Amazon links. This helps me maintain my site. Thank you for your support!

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Hawthorne by Kevin Fury
Samarkand by Graham Diamond
Snow White and Rose Red by Lilly Fang


The fabled city and beloved home to Princess Sharon, is under threat from a million Mongol barbarians. Daughter to Amrath, cousin to the emir of Samarkand, she is left within the palace as the battles begin.

Despite the emir’s reluctance to admit the city will perish, Amrath forms his defenses in preparation for the oncoming onslaught.

The Mongol, led by the crazed khan, Kabul, are on their way. Destroying villages and anything on their way to Samarkand.

Soon, the city’s is breached and a full force attack begins. Kabul’s horde is braced meet Amrath’s mighty army, awaiting the final clash of swords…

Sharon has only one choice to make: to stay and try to survive – or run.

If she escapes, there is no promise that her people could ever reclaim Samarkand, her homeland.

Fleeing to the hills against the burning backdrop of her former home, she meets the tribe of the Kazir.

The seers of the Kazir people prophesied that the Kazir people would once again rule Samarkand.

Could Sharon hold the key to this prophecy?

Meanwhile, Kabul, maimed for life by Sharon on her escape, is desperate to seek revenge and destroy her.

Kabul is determined to find her out and when he does, there is no stopping him … he will get his revenge …

And so will Sharon …

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Snow White and Rose Red

Welcome to the City of Gold, a land full of unimaginable opulence, powerful magic, and most of all, danger. Snow White and Rose Red have been sent from the Vale to investigate a most mysterious curse in the City of Gold. The beloved Princess Aurora has fallen into a deep slumber, from which none can wake her.

In a city gilded with diamonds and sapphires at every turn, greed and treachery lurk everywhere. Many Princes have gathered to try their hand at waking the Sleeping Beauty and winning a most highly coveted prize from the King—his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Out of the small vale where they grew up, Snow and Rose now face new challenges: adapting to courtly life, investigating powerful strangers, and controlling their magic as they put their abilities to the test. Can Snow White and Rose Red unravel the mysterious magic at work in the City of Gold before the evil closes in around them? Read on to find out!

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Can a Druid’s apprentice, a renegade skinwalker and a Celtic prince find the strength to defeat a goddess of death and war? What secrets will a hidden faerie world reveal? What sacrifices must be made. Who will die?

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Saturday’s Free Books – Health & Fitness

Childhood Obesity by Jenna Bond
Fear of Dying by Juri Hansen
Mini Habits for Resilience by Tom Meitner
People Pleasing: Setting Boundaries And Saying No
Quit Smoking: How To Quit Smoking, The Easy Soft Way
Your Heart: Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease in Women, Men & Children

Your Heart

A comprehensive guidebook to heart health. Written by a physician and based on current scientific data, the contents provide a foundation for understanding risks, preventions and treatments of the leading cause of death. Choices for preventing heart disease and improving health before or after a heart attack are detailed with the latest medical studies.

Real-life patient experiences are woven into facts on fats, sugars, diabetes and their relationship to heart disease. Food choices and exercise options proven to contribute to health and longevity are included. This is a reference about cardiovascular diseases and treatments for lay people, caregivers and medical practitioners.

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Quit Smoking

A simple guide to help you get rid of addiction to cigarette;

Smoking is a drug addiction which raises at present a big problem in health service, because of the dangers that represent the constituents of the tobacco as well for the smoker as for his circle of acquaintances.

Smoking harms nearly every organ in the body, including the heart, blood vessels, lungs, eyes, mouth, reproductive organs, bones, bladder, and digestive organs.

The most common reason current smokers give for not quitting is lack of will-power.

This up and down cycle repeats over and over, leading to addiction. Addiction keeps people smoking even when they want to quit. Breaking addiction is harder for some people than others. Many people need more than one try in order to quit.

They need a powerful and effective technique, with proven results, that resolve all emotional issue, and associations that your brain is trapped in.

Congratulation, you can now be able to be powerful , and take control back of your life, naturally , this magical tool will help you get rid of your addiction the fast , easy and soft way , without being too hard on yourself , Start now .

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People Pleasing

This book will act as your guide into attaining the mental strength needed to become a proactive player in your life. These proven steps and strategies are aimed at making you an assertive and confident boundary setter who says NO when you need to. It is an action oriented guide and there are calls to action at pivotal points in the book. Do not skip these steps, it is imperative that you are active in creating your positive paradigm. Action gets results!

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Fear of Dying

To most of us, the thought of death and the idea of what happens after life on earth is unsettling at best. Some people can easily shake off this fear of the unknown, instead using the certainty of death as motivation to make the most out of life while it lasts. But the fact that nobody has definitive answers for questions about death can seem terrifying to other people. Their fear of death causes a sort of emotional paralysis, whereby the quality of their life actually suffers because the fear is so great that it renders them unable to fully enjoy life and all that it has to offer. If you are among those who fear death and have trouble shaking the fear off, then this book can help. I’m going to provide you with no-nonsense methods of facing your fear, recovering your zest for life, and regaining control of your present. Since there’s no point in worrying about what is yet to come, let’s get started so that you can soon be able to fully appreciate the here and now.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

What Death Has To Do With Living

How to Identify What You REALLY Fear

When Your Fear of Dying Affects Your Loved Ones

How to Overcome Your Fear of Dying

Why We Don’t Know What Exists Beyond Death

Much, much more!

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Mini Habits for Resilience

Critical failures can hit you at any point in your life, and finding stress management techniques to keep them from crushing you can feel impossible.

What happens when your career is floundering? Or when you lose a bunch of money and don’t know how to pay the bills? Or when a relationship goes sour?

In “Mini Habits for Resilience”, author Tom Meitner explores the mini habits that help you understand why you’re failing and can reverse the course for you. By building resilience in your life, you can bounce back faster and enjoy personal success in any area of your life.

Topics covered in the book include:

business and professional failures

relationship problems

small failures that add up over time

travel stresses and fears

and many more.

With personal stories of his own life, coupled with tales of famous “failures” who turned into successes, Tom Meitner shows you free habits that help you build a life that responds positively to failures. This approach allows you to be fearless in your efforts, knowing that the worst case scenario will not bring you down. Very few free personal development Kindle books can offer this level of insight into what prepares you for failure.

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Childhood Obesity

You’re about to discover how to help your child overcome childhood obesity and be able to live a healthy life. With more and more pre-packaged food, fast food, and just overall lack of good quality nutrition in the typical diet more children are becoming obese. Childhood obesity can lead to several problems as a child and even more unhealthy life as an adult.

The truth is if your child is obese the best thing to overcome the problem is to educate yourself and the child of the causes of childhood obesity and make adjustments in his or her eating patterns and physical activity level. This book will give a solid foundation to help your child overcome childhood obesity.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Childhood Obesity – A General Overview

Treatment and Medications for Childhood Obesity

Diet Advice for Obese Children

Tips to Help your Child to be More Active

Battling with Childhood Obesity – Final Tips

Much, much more!

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